Friday, 14 June 2013

crackxls 0.3 released

crackxls 0.3 has been released. Download it at This version supports breaking encryption on Microsoft Word 97/2000/2002/2003 documents for the first time.

Windows users may just want to download "crackxls2003.exe" from


  1. hi Gavin

    im really want to use your program but it idnt work on my windows 7

    also is it going to recover password about permission protect?

    1. Hi, I replied to you on Google+ but you haven't emailed me back. Have you used the executable in the latest release (0.4)? What happens?

      This program should allow you to retrieve information in encrypted Word and Excel files. It does not recover a password but removes encryption. It does not affect other passwords in the document (such as for editing the document), which are easy to circumvent (you can probably just copy and paste the whole document, or failing that I expect that workarounds can easily be found with searching the Web).

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